The Halamays

Ohio Indie Pop

The Halamays are a Columbus, Ohio indie pop band. Our recent release, Overkill, was released by February Records.

Find us on bandcamp, spotify, cdbabybandsintown.



Reviews & Press

Austin Town Hall

… it opens with a subtle electronic line, which eventually unfolds into the beautiful male/female vocal pairing that makes the group so endearing.

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Piggledy Pop

L’electro-pop, en général, me fait peu dresser l’oreille. Les exceptions comme celle produite par The Hallamays sont rares et le couple de l’Ohio me séduit doublement.

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Listen With Monger

This three track EP is a dreamy, sugary pop triumph that could only have come from the USofA (Columbus, OH, for all those Geography fans out there).

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One Kind Radio

I've actually tried to review this EP twice now, but have failed because I just want to squeal "It's so effin awesome!" and that's it.

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Loud Loop Press

They deserve credit for crafting catchy pop songs that are, with the right promotion, radio ready and, most important, worthy.

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The Big Takeover

Like the Fritas’ Shivika Asthana-- or maybe more obviously Juliana Hatfield or Jenny Lewis-- Katie Watkins has a charmingly girlish but confident vocal delivery and a spunky energy that twirls off the record.

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Hiawatha Review

The variety, rich and multi-faceted tone, and instrumental nuance make these songs fun and exciting to listen to; the disarming honesty and the patient, shimmering clarity of the vox and song writing make them intriguing to listen to again and again.

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Chicago Tribune

The band's debut EP features five songs of delicate electronic pop, the standout being "This Boring Party," a tale of furtive love during a dull evening.

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By Measure

… taking a behind-the-scenes look at where musicians work.

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